Why audit Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, for many companies, forms the first and foremost source of digital data with which to run their online business. The big question is, how well do you trust your data?

Configuring and implementing Google Analytics is a meticulous task. Errors can occur, and it is those errors can have a significant impact on your company’s performance. This is where Tagticians can help.

With our offer of a FREE Google Analytics audit, which normally costs €499, we will use the power of Verified Data‘s automated auditing solution to thoroughly scan your website and present the results to you.

Find bad data harming your decision making

When basing your business decisions on bad data, you are literally hurting your business. Google Analytics data is only as good as the configuration and data collection method implemented.

Bad data is a challenge to prevent, but easy to discover by auditing. We will help you discover the most common bad data culprits such as:

  • Duplicate data
  • Missing data
  • Inaccurate data
  • Incorrect data
  • Personal data

With the knowledge in hand, you will be able to fix bad data issues and improve your data quality. In any data-driven organization, you need to trust your data, Tagticians will help you grow that trust.

Gain insights into your level of Data Governance

Collecting data for analysis and optimization is part of a bigger picture. That picture is Data Governance. With legal and local laws to deal with, you have a responsibility towards how you work with data.

Google Analytics is simply a means to an end, while Data Governance is a set of guidelines on how to work with data. Some of the key goals of Data Governance are to:

  • help keep data safe and accessible to only those who are authorized
  • to instill trust in your visitors and customers by only collecting relevant data, lawfully

During our audit will verify, as much as we can, that you meet the basic Data Governance levels. We will check whether you are abiding by local laws when collecting data into Google Analytics, and are only collecting data that does not contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Where possible, we will also verify that your Google Analytics configuration is safe from unauthorized access.

What’s in it for you?

  • 30-minute Google Analytics audit consult

  • Verified Data Google Analytics Audit Scorecard

  • Data Quality insights based on more than 200 tests

  • Data Governance overview based on your Google Analytics configuration

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