What is Google Analytics App + Web?

Google’s newest version of their analytics tool will be a game changer. Some even refer to it as Google Analytics V2. Not only will Google Analytics App + Web offer you and your company more flexibility in what you can track, where you can track but it will also give you more power on how you analyse the data.

Google Analytics App + Web will bring together data from two of the most essential platforms into a single property with the tools to generate valuable insights.

Why the free guide?

From datastreams to enhanced measurements, Google Analytics App + Web will also bring with it many new features, terminolgy and configuration options. At Tagticians we have taken the time to put together a free effective guide to get you started.

Our guide is like a Swiss Army Knife of information for you to start learning what Google Analytics App + Web is and the considerations you will need to make for migrating your current setup. The good news is is that Google Analytics App + Web is still in beta and therefore we can walk along with its development instead of rushing in. This won’t be a simple as the update to Universal Analytics was. Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Who is it for?

The guide is for anyone involved with Google Analytics. It does not matter if you are a digital analytics product owner, digital analyst, conversion rate optimization specialist or even a line manager. We have matched the pro’s and con’s that will help you get the internal discussion started on how your company can best prepare for the migration to Google Analytics App + Web.

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