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Tagticians, your full-service customer data platform, and tag management agency.

Tagticians is a full-service customer data platform (CDP) and tag management (TMS) company focusing on our clients’ success using solutions like Twilio Segment (Certified Partner), Google Tag Manager, PostHog, Piwik Pro, Freshpaint, mParticle, Tealium. Your company’s data collection requirements are our priority, and we will help you achieve your goals through proper strategy definition, thorough documentation, accurate implementation, and configuration.

Tagticians offers support for the following Tag Management Systems and Customer Data Platforms

Google Tag Manager
Piwik Pro
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Tagticians is a Twilio Segment Certified Partner

As an independent and certified Twilio Segment partner, we are flexible in how we can offer you the services you need to leverage Twilio Segment to its fullest potential. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or challenges you have.

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Tagticians is a PostHog Partner

Tagticians is an official implementation partner for PostHog. The open-source Product Analytics solution that boasts a broad suite of product and data tools. Want to learn more? Reach out to us today.

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