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Revolutionize Your Data Governance with Avo: A Brief Overview

In today's competitive business landscape, having accurate and consistent analytics data is critical for making informed decisions. However, maintaining data quality and implementing tracking can take time and effort. Teams often struggle with inconsistent event naming, data discrepancies, and inefficient collaboration, leading to wasted time and resources. Avo, a powerful SaaS solution, addresses these challenges by simplifying data governance and analytics tracking, enabling teams to work more efficiently and accurately. In this blog post, we'll delve into Avo's standout features

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Freshpaint’s Time Machine + Autotrack = 🎉

As the yearly trend of new marketing technology startups continues, separating the wheat from the chaff is becoming a challenge. One San Francisco-based company has recently caught my attention, and Freshpaint, a YC-backed company, is on a mission to become a leading data collection and pipeline solution. According to their website: Freshpaint helps product, data, and marketing teams set up the customer behavioral data they need to build a better product, drive engagement, and improve retention. I often compare marketing

PostHog Apps – Supercharging your data collection

As PostHog starts to gain traction as an alternative solution to Google Analytics, it's a great moment to start telling more about its capabilities, especially its scalability. One of their features that is lurking in the shadows is PostHog Apps. These apps allow you to extend PostHog's functionality. PostHog Apps can help you set up connections with several mainstream platforms and perform actions with the data, both when ingested and distributed, and more. Being an official PostHog partner, we dove

OneTrust and Segment Integration: A Step-by-Step Guide

You have come to the right place if you want a OneTrust and Segment integration. This article will introduce two methods to leverage OneTrust within your Segment landscape—one for Free and Team plan users and one for Business plan users. The OneTrust and Segment integration will allow you to determine to which destinations you may send data while respecting the user's consent level. OneTrust and Segment integration flow explained The solution, in general, makes use of Segment's Plugin architecture for

Sync Segment Audiences with new HubSpot Actions Destination

As of July 2023, many Segment customers using a HubSpot destination will have to have migrated to the new HubSpot Actions Destinations. The reason for this forced migration is the sunsetting, by HubSpot, of their API key approach. On June 1st, 2022, HubSpot announced their API key sunset giving their customers until July 14th of that same year to create new API keys. From July 15th onwards, OAuth2.0 will be required. Segment's, now legacy, HubSpot Destination was easy to set

PostHog Template for Google Tag Manager

It has been nearly four years since the Google Tag Manager Template feature was announced. Since then, many community members have contributed to the template collection to make life easier for many of us. Today, Tagticians is adding two new Google Tag Manager templates to the Gallery: PostHog Google Tag Manager Template for Web containers (view Github repo) PostHog Google Tag Manager Template for Server-Side containers (view Github repo) What is PostHog? PostHog has been gaining more traction lately as

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