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Data Governance and our problem with its definition

In a previous article we discussed the importance of the data quality checking process with regards to tag management. We described the differences between pre- and post-processing data quality checks and solutions for each method. Higher data quality can be perceived to increase the value of it. Now we want to discuss how data governance, including data quality, can play a significant role when used together with tag management. Before we begin, we would like to point out that there

How Data Quality checks can improve Tag Management

With Data Quality being part of the Tag Management Maturity Model we thought it wise to look a little deeper. When we, at Tagticians, started to reflect on which tag management tools we offer consultancy services for it surprised us that only 2 of the 4 offered any form of built-in Data Quality checks. In the many years that we have been working in the tag management industry, data quality has been rarely spoken of. The assumption is often made

Tag management consultants, when to hire them?

There are plenty of reasons your company could benefit from hiring tag management consultants. There have been plenty of situations in which Tagticians, as a tag management agency, has jumped in to assist companys get their tag management systems running smoothly again. However, when we take our Tag Management Maturity Model into account, we quickly see that there is more to tag management than meets the eye. Tag management has been pitched to the masses with much success. Google Tag

Tag Management Maturity Model

Being a tag management agency it is more than natural that we explain to you what tag management is. At the same we would like to present our tag management maturity model. The first thing to know when considering tag management is that tag management is not just a tool. When searching for information on tag management we are nevertheless confronted with the technical aspects of it. When we need to describe to clients what a tag management system can

Top 5 traits of a tag management consultant

In the past 10 years that tag management has been active in the digital marketing realm it has often been portrayed that a tag management consultant needs to be technically savvy. Yes, having knowledge of front-end development certainly does help, but it is often the influence of tag management on analytics and marketing that is overlooked. To help paint a better picture on what traits a tag management consultant needs these days, we have put together a top 5, just

Who owns tag management?

Tag management systems have grown over the years in terms of functionality. Where TagMan was once developed to help users cut costs through advertising tag deduplication based on custom attribution models, tag management systems nowadays have become robust solutions extended far beyond their initially designed purpose. In this blog post we want to focus on the question: Has tag management become a tool like a website's or mobile app's platform in that they should all require dedicated resources? When talking

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