There are plenty of reasons your company could benefit from hiring tag management consultants. There have been plenty of situations in which Tagticians, as a tag management agency, has jumped in to assist companys get their tag management systems running smoothly again. However, when we take our Tag Management Maturity Model into account, we quickly see that there is more to tag management than meets the eye.

Tag management has been pitched to the masses with much success. Google Tag Manager is the most adopted tag management system in the world. More solutions have been introduced into the tag management market offering a wide variety of tools and features for almost every type of company in need of digital data collection.

Tag management’s impact on your company’s success

At Tagticians we fully agree with the fact that tag management systems makes data collection easy. The opportunity that we see is that all too often tag management is merely seen as a tool. Tag management is rarely considered to be a fully fledged platform that requires dedicated resources to properly maintain.

One of the main reasons for this is that tag manegement has no visible impact on a companay’s bottom line, revenue. The common perception is that “tag management is a means to an end” and should be treated as such. Tag management does impact performance, in more ways than one. Not only does a proper tag management setup and implementation positively affect your data quality, but in many cases also your website’s loading performance. While the latter really depends on the tag management systems that is used, both can have a significant indirect impact on your company’s success.

The all-rounder vs the expert

Companies try to maintain their tag mangement implementations using full time employees (FTE) in other roles. The problem, however, is that these FTE’s are not dedicated tag management specialists. A lack of knowledge and experience can lead to detrimental effects on your data quality. The possible negatvie impact on your data quality could include:

  • reduced accuracy of your data
  • inconsistent tracking of your data (values) across your platform(s)
  • non-conformity in your data collection rules

For several tag management systems, such as Google Tag Manager, online communities and blogs can definitely help reduce that data quality risk. For other tag management systems such as Tealium IQ, Segment and Adobe Launch help is more difficult to find on the job market. In any case, as a company it is your goal to strengthen your data collection foundation and not to build up a house of cards. Hiring a tag management consulting agency like Tagticians can help you solve current issues and implement a scalable setup.

The all-rounder must be seen as a short-term and cost-beneficial solution. There is nothing wrong with taking that approach. The short term solution works best when your dependency on data is not significantly high and solutions can be found online. When the tag management issues and data quality problems start to build up, hiring tag management consultants will benefit you in the long run.

5 common reasons you need tag management consultants

Tag management consultants often have several years of experience. Not decades, since tag management hasn’t been around that long, but enough to understand tag management inside and out. The challenge for you, as a company, is to know when to consider hiring tag management consultants.

We have listed 5 common reasons to hire a tag management consultant, based on our many years of experience.

  1. Your data collection activities are not generating the necessary data to create critical insights
  2. Your overall data quality is suffering from a lack of tag management maintenance or abscense of ownership
  3. You are unable to properly scale your data collection setup in parallel with your company’s growth and/or expansions
  4. Your tag management implementation and web analytics configuration are not GDPR compliant
  5. Your company has no dedicated skilled person to help with daily tag management support activities

What about recruiting a tag management specialist as a full-time employee?

An unlisted reason, but neverthelss important to your decision making process, is that tag management speclialists are difficult to find. The work in terms of tasks and knowledge is a mixture of several different specialties like project management, digital analytics, front-end development and data engineering. With those four traits already in high demand on the job market, you can imagine how hard it is to find a person that possesses enough experience in all of these fields and who wants to work in the tag management field.

This is where our tag management consultants can help. Tagticians helps clients in several different ways. We offer project based support, but also regular recurring support to companies of various sizes. We have just one goal:

[Our goals is] to accelarate your company’s success by building and maintaining a strong data collection foundation through the use of tag management systems and customer data infrastructures.

In need of tag management support?

Tagticians has many years of experiences in helping companies of various sizes to build and implement data collection infrastructures using tools like Google Tag Manager, Segment and Tealium IQ. If you feel that your company is in need of professional support, or your company is looking to enhance and expand your data collection activities, our tag management consultants are here to help.

Let our tag management consultants help you. Contact us today.