The goal is to properly and effeciently setup and implement tag management system and digital analytics tool on a website. This is a multi-step process and is based on a single tag management and digital analytics account.


For a simple Google Tag Manager implementation the Setup & Implementation service includes the following fixed elements:

  • Intake interview (2 hours)
  • Define tag management and digital analytics strategy (4 hours)
  • Write data collection document (8 hours)
  • Configure Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics (2 hours)
  • Offer developer support throughout implementation process (4 hours)
  • Pre- and post-delivery quality assurance testing (2 hours)
  • Handover and post-delivery support (2 hours)

Simple implementations may include some custom elements:

  • Youtube tracking
  • Download tracking
  • Form submission tracking
  • Scroll Depth tracking
  • Cross Domain tracking to max 3 domains/countries
  • Internal/External IP filtering
  • Setup of 3 goals in Google Analytics

More complex implementations require more time and include the following situations:

  • Static Data Layer definition
  • Cross Domain tracking over multiple domains/countries
  • Ecommerce tracking (Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • Internal Promotions tracking (Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • Advertising tag migration from source code
  • User ID tracking
  • Single Page Application tracking
  • Data Import Setup (ie. End-to-End tracking, Paid Traffic Costs)
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All implementations will be delivered based upon the implementation document and any agreements made with the client specifically. For Google tools, a new (or optimized existing) Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics account/property will be created including a maximum of 3 views (Production – Filtered, Production – Unfiltered and Development). Documentation will also be handed over upon delivery.


24 hours (common length 40 hours)